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Free Shipping over $50

Smart Blinds Curtain Robot Installation Instructions


Smart Blinds Pairing Instruction:

  1. Download the "Smart Life" from the App store or Google Play. You can also scan the QR code in our User Manual provided.
  2. Register/Login to the App using your phone number or email address. A verification code will be sent if you are attempting to register.
  3. Select "Add Device" button on the main screen or the + sign in the top corner.
  4. Select "Small Home Appliances" button on the left side section.
  5. Scroll down and select "Curtain Wifi"
  6. Enter your "Wifi Password" and select "Next"
  7. Important Step: Select "Ez Mode" and now select "AP Mode"
  8. Press & hold the "STOP" & "DOWN" button on the Smarter Living Curtain motor at the same time until the LED flashes RED & GREEN 
  9. Select "Confirm" and then select "Next"
  10. Now select "Go to connect"
  11. Select your Wifi and then select "SmartLife-xxx". You may see a message (Internet may not be available) on Android OS, please select "Keep Wifi Connection"
  12. Now go back to Smart Life app and your phone will start searching for the device
  13. Select "Pencil/Edit" icon and rename your device (for example: Livingroom Blinds)
  14. Select "Done"
  15. To control the blinds with an app, please ensure you follow the next steps "Upper & Lower Blind Settings"

IMPORTANT FOR SETUP: Upper & Lower Blind Settings

  1. After installation, you will need to ensure that you follow these instructions before using with the app.
  2. Draw the blind to your desired upper height with the "UP" arrow button
  3. Press & hold down the "STOP" button for 6-8 seconds. The LED will flash to confirm
  4. Now lower the blind to your desired bottom height with the "DOWN" arrow button, then press the "STOP" button